Dreams can betray 💭

can betray
hidden desires
best left
in the night

Let it flow…💕

Love me or not,
Just say it or not,
The eloquent words of yours,
Conveyed ur eyes,believe it or not.
My lips does not repress,my eyes do,
I sometimes sat and portend,too,
Is it you or me or both in love,
It’s plausible i love you..


Look into my eyes,
What do you see,
it’s your face,
Touch my heart and make me free.

Your presence make me exuberant,
This love is tender,
I want to grow old with you,
Let me be the only one”contender”.

Tranquilizing are your eyes,
Makes my anger pacify,
There is nothing without u,
My soul becomes satisfied

Home ❤

It’s weird to leave the place where you grew up.

And that too, so many times.

You gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

But I’ve realized something doing this again and again.

Home isn’t a place.

When someone asks me, where’s home for you, I can never answer. Is it where I grew up? Is it where I live currently? Is it where I went to college?

No. Home isn’t a place.
Home is a person.

Many persons in my case. My own people who are close to my heart wherever they may be in this world.

So wherever I am, I am home.

Because we are together.

What makes a great lover ? ✔

To me, the somewhat complex answer lies in what makes us a human?

My best ability to understand this is, exploring what is our capacity to love. To give and receive unconditional love.

What is our capacity to show up in life, in full vulnerability

What is our capacity to show up with something REAL.

What is our capacity to surrender to another, in all our fears, insecurities, pain, pleasure, desire, expression and truth.

The answer to this question does not lie in a set of step by step techniques, rather; to look deep inside and offer what is there to another.

Showing up with what is TRULY going on. Whether its delightful, or disgusting. 

lovemaking does not lay in physical techniques. It lays in the ability to touch my soul, to crack open my heart.

The answers lie in looking deeper into ourselves; we are yearning to become a lover with self and spirit; to reach a place of full acceptance & ease in our being. If the inner work is not done, these techniques are just a band aide and the cracks will begin to reveal themselves eventually.

This comes naturally for some souls. For others the layers are thicker, and one must sludge through them in order to bring something real to life.

So the answer lies in the ability to surrender, to die to who we think we are; and show up with something of more depth, and substance.

Why Do You Love Me? A Real Man’s Reply ☺

 He heard her whisper in the night. He closed his eyes, a tear forming sure to stain his pillow.

I love you because I do. I love you because the Universe showed me the way to you. I love you because my heart beats your name, my mind drowns in your eyes, my soul feels yours even when we are miles apart.

I love you because I have no choice; I didn’t ask to love you. I didn’t need to love you, but I love you just the same. My arms aren’t filled unless you’re in them and my thirst is not quenched unless you are the drink.

I love you because I feel comfort in being out of my comfort zone with you by my side. I love you because every cell of my body responds to your touch, to your look, to the way you move and the way you sound. I love you because something, somewhere, directed me to you.

It was my soul and you are its mate.

Through the paths we have taken to one another, I have loved you. I’ve played in comfortable places among comfortable people until I had no choice but to leave there to come to you here. I battled the gods themselves and faced the raging storms of hell until, one day, the clouds parted and your eyes met mine.

I waited, impatiently, for you until that shock from my heart announced your arrival.

I know you are scared, my sweet Angel. I know you feel the pangs of fear and the dread of a journey of which no arrival is guaranteed. But I promise you this: when the demons come I will stand strong with you at my back and you will be protected. When the brimstone comes raining from the sky I will shield you until each storm passes. When the swine and malcontent arrive, I will fight them and when the battles are over and the storm clouds are gone I will hold your face, look into your eyes,and you will know why I love you…


41 Reasons “to” Date a Photographer ;)

We are artistic creatures , yet unlike artists from other fields, we have to constantly think about how we are going to put food on the table in the future, so that makes us very aware of the world we live in and how to adapt to it. A fine balance if you ask me. We are also very passionate about what we do. I know that so are doctors, engineers and pilots, but let’s face it, our passion is one of the coolest and most popular today. Without further ado, here are the 41 reasons why you should seriously consider dating a photographer.

  1. You’ll never miss a moment

Even if your photographer companion is not paying attention to something interesting, it’s not a problem. There’s always a high end camera around waiting to capture the moment.

  1. Buying a Christmas or birthday present gets a lot easier

It’s very simple really. All you have to do is get something related to photography, within your budget. It’ll do the trick every time. Just make sure not to get the same filter twice.

3.They understand finesse

That’s because their gear is probably worth more than your car so, yes, they know how to take care of precious merchandise.

  1. They find beauty all around

They even see it where you don’t, and then help you see it. Abandoned buildings and rainy days on the beach for instance. A world of new beauty is about to unfold when dating a photographer.

  1. Your diet will no longer be a big issue

Not to worry if you put on a little extra weight. Your partner will probably Photoshop it out later.

  1. You will miss no memories

Virtually every important (and not important) moment of your life will be documented.

  1. You won’t miss another sunset or sunrise

That’s because the photographer you’re dating will probably set the alarm clock at insane hours just to make sure you don’t miss it and he’ll be up to take a good photo.

  1. You’ll smile more often

It’s in their job description to know how to make people smile.

  1. You’ll actually talk about things other than sports

Photographers have a tendency to be well read and you’ll probably have a lot to talk about.

  1. Proportions will be reversed

The small things will look large and vice versa.

  1. You’ll know what good light looks like

That’s because it’s the most essential thing in their work.

  1. They’ll help you see things differently

That’s because they’re trained to always look for different perspectives. Naturally, you’ll be the one they’ll share them with.

  1. They know how to move in the dark.

Comments are useless on this one.

  1. They probably won’t hang out in bars a lot

Ironically, most of a photographer’s time is spent in front of a computer, so going out for a beer with friends will probably involve you as well. There just isn’t time to do everything separately.

  1. They have a natural instinct for charged batteries

Even if you forget to charge something ordinary, like your phone, your date will probably remember that for you. It’s in a photographer’s blood to have full energy at all times.

  1. They know how to push the right “buttons”

They’re technical training also applies in less expected areas.

  1. They pay excessive attention to details

Remember your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends who never paid attention to details? Well, dating a photographer will be the exact opposite. Photographers rarely miss anything, especially if it’s something visual.

  1. Creativity

There shouldn’t be much to say, but let’s dig deeper. We are all creative creatures. Even you accountants. Photographers, like artists in general, live to create. Just don’t expect that creativity to be limited to taking photographs. It often takes unusual forms. Like that of playing with food when dining with your parents.

  1. Some of them are rock stars

If you’re dating the right photographer, he’s the one with 20k likes on Facebook and the constantly ringing phone. You’ll almost feel like a groupie on tour.

  1. They are very social

Photographers are usually very socially active. Partially because it’s in their nature, but also because they have to. Some of the best collaborations are with close people.

  1. Your sales on Ebay will skyrocket

Anything you sell on Ebay will look a lot better.

  1. They do what they love for a living

Besides making you envious, take a moment to appreciate this fortune. Doing the thing you love and eliminating material insecurity usually turns you into a better person. That’s why photographers are so lucky and that’s probably why so many people want to start doing it. Word of advice to them, it’s not as easy as it looks!

  1. They know when something is important

That’s because they know how to focus on a single subject without getting distracted by outside elements.

  1. Your curves will be loved

Your photographer partner will love your curves. So much, he might in fact ask you to pose nude for him.

  1. You’ll never go on vacation to an ugly place

They’ll only pic the most photogenic dreamlands. Of course, for some of them, the dreamland might be Chernobyl.

  1. Your skin will find perfection

Never again will you have another pimple in a photo.

  1. You’ll be the top model

Even if your photographer boyfriend or girlfriend works with high end models,you’ll always be the favorite.

  1. You’ll have time for yourself whenever you feel like it.

Just say the magic words: “Could you please photograph that thing I told you about?”

  1. You’ll win arguments over travel destinations more easily

All you have to do is point out what a great setting it would make for a photo-shoot.

  1. They’ll love your face even in the morning when you’re just waking up

They’ll also probably try and photograph it.

  1. Your Facebook profile will always look fresh and interesting

You might even find yourself in trouble choosing the cooler profile pic.

  1. Your word will always matter

Especially if it’s something good about their latest work.

  1. You’ll never get bored

It’s hard to be bored around a photographer. Even when they’re not shooting, they’re bound to be doingsomething interesting or to be hanging out with interesting people.

  1. Their friends are interesting as well

You won’t see many photographers hanging out with bankers, unless they’re childhood friends. In most cases, their entourage consists of cool, creative people.

  1. Their musical taste is usually impeccable

Trust me on this one. The better the photographer, the better the music he listens to.

  1. They’re used to carrying heavy loads

If you try and pick up a photographer’s bag, chances are you won’t be able to, or you’ll at least have a back ache in the morning.

  1. You’ll watch a lot of movies together

Photographers love movies, especially classic ones. Not just because they’re good, but because they have a lot to learn from them.

  1. They give great technical advice.

Especially if one of your friends is planning to buy a new camera.

  1. They enjoy being around people

Even those who didn’t grow up as the most socially successful people, change because of photography. It’s the kind of occupation that gives birth to great relationships and connections in the community.

Soul mates

For years, I’m sure all of us have been told that personality means more than looks.

We live in a world where a person’s image is everything and the way that they look, dress or act affect their life, but what is that person like underneath? If people go by looks alone, there is less of a chance that the personalities will match. Sure, someone can look beautiful to the rest of the world, but their personality can make them seem like they have a rotten core.

Anyway…the outside does not make the person, but the inside does. It is on the inside Find someone who makes you laugh because what is life without laughter?

You need to have something in common with your partner more than you like to party and you look nice.

Close your eyes, don’t look at your partner, look deep inside them and see them for who they really are. Do they make you laugh just from the littlest things? Do they make you smile just by being with you? Is your mood lifted just from looking at them? Or are you just with them because of their looks?
Love is more than just looks. It is about taking the good times with the bad. It is about being around when they go through sicknesses and feel like they can do anything. It is about being an anchor to your other half. Love is not about looks, it’s about finding your soul mate.

Yes, I do believe in soul mates:

A soulmate (or soul mate) is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity.This may involve similarity, love, romance, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust.

You have to have more than love when it comes to being with your soul mate. You need to have a friendship where you can easily say that the person you are with is your best friend and that you can tell them everything, I know that I can. You need to have the passion of lovers and you need to have the lust that comes along with it as you do need to be sexually attracted to them as well as their personalities, but when the passion and lust has died down, it is the personality and how well you get a long. It is about how much romance you still have between each other and how compatible you are.

Find your soul mate. Don’t give up the search and once you have found them, yes there will be trials and tribulations that will test you guys, but if you love them enough and know in your heart that they are worth it, then know that love can overcome everything.

Trust me.

I will not be shaken

We all have difficult seasons in life. One of the keys to staying strong in our difficulty is not getting stuck. Realize, you won’t be here forever, and this isn’t the end of the story for your life.

But what can you do in the MIDST of the challenging situations, to stay strong and courageous? Here are a few tips.

  1. Give yourself grace. This is NOT the time to start a new lifestyle change, drastically alter things you’re doing, get a new job or relocate. This is a time to do self-care and support yourself. When you plan things, give yourself extra time to accomplish it. Take a little more time to get ready in the morning. Schedule in naps on the weekends. Even if you need to take a few personal days at work- support yourself. Don’t beat yourself up or become your own worst enemy.
  2. Reach higher. Studies have shown that people who are going through depression or a challenging situation have better recovery and a higher incidence of healing when they turn to spirituality for comfort, strength and even, wisdom. The point is, when you are at your lowest, don’t go it alone. Reach higher. I personally reach up to heaven for strength I do not have on my own. It helps my focus, gives me strength to endure and renews my courage.
  3. Keep moving. This is not the time to get stuck. Keep moving. Keep going to work, keep showing up at the gym, keep your current commitments strong. Many days you might feel like you’re only operating at 25% of your normal capacity, but that 25% is a strong commitment and sure does beat quitting. When it comes to physical activity, your stress levels will be lower if you keep moving. You won’t lose it if you keep moving! (smile) Even when you don’t feel like doing it, overcome your feelings with a commitment to go the long haul. You’ll be proud of your accomplishment once you reach the other side of this season. Make it your personal goal to stay ‘in the game’ even though you might feel like you’re not the best participant. Just the fact that you didn’t quit will be something to celebrate when you cross the finish line.

I hope that these tips help you through your difficult season in life. I’ve been through health challenges, relationship struggles, successes and failures that required I keep a clear focus, give myself grace, reach higher and stay in the game. Not every trial is created equal. These three tips might be all that you can do. That’s ok. Just remember, we’re all unique and we all handle stress and strain differently. Be good to you.

You will NOT be shaken and you are stronger than you think!